Who are The Adventurers ?

The Adventurers is a group of people dedicated to promoting awareness of childhood brain cancer, and raising funds for medical research into new and more effective treatments.

Upon becoming an Adventurer, volunteers join a community of like-minded and spirited individuals who value children, life, strength, compassion, adventure and teamwork.

Childhood Brain Cancer is no ordinary disease, and The Adventurers recognise that it will take an extraordinary approach to cure it.

We invite you to join our community for an adventure of a lifetime.  It is rewarding and fun – and through your generosity of time, compassion and support we will succeed in our goal for happy, healthy children free of brain cancer.

Letter from our Prime Minister

Telethon Kids Institute

The Telethon Kids Institute, which is based in Perth (Western Australia), is a leading medical research organisation dedicated to finding causes, treatments and cures for serious illnesses which target children. The Institute opened its doors in June 1990, and is now home to over six-hundred researchers and support staff. The Adventurers works in close partnership with the Telethon Kids Institute.

Why we need your support

In Australia, brain cancer kills more children every year than any other disease. Of the 100+ children who die from cancer every year, 1 in 4 of these deaths can be attributed to brain cancer. Treatment options for childhood brain cancer include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy – treatments which leave many children with debilitating, long-term side effects.

The Adventurers’ fundraising efforts are designed to reflect the incredible struggle and courage of the children we support. That’s why our Adventures are bold, exciting and inherently challenging – forcing our Adventurers to face their own fears and doubts. At The Adventurers, we’re committed to funding medical research into childhood brain cancer; however, we need your support to do this. OUR QUEST THEIR CURE

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Our Events

Engage with us

We’re always looking for dedicated people to join our community as Adventurers, donors and volunteers. All contributions to our cause are highly valued and deeply appreciated. To find out more about The Adventurers and our various activities, please provide your details below.