The Adventurers

The Adventurers was founded to raise money to support medical research into childhood brain cancer in Australia. With the ultimate aim of finding a cure.

Brain Cancer is the most common form of tumours in children and is the second most common cause of death in children. It kills more children in Australia than any other disease. Childhood Brain Tumours often require invasive treatments or even worse – incurable.

Treatment may involve surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy, which can result in a young brain sustaining life-long debilitating side effects such as learning and movement difficulties.

The Adventurers raise funds to support research in identifying improved treatment methods for children battling brain cancer, and ultimately to find a cure.Educating the public and raising awareness as to how prevalent childhood brain cancer really is forms part of what The Adventurers are about.

The Adventurers participants select an outdoor adventure to challenge their personal and physical boundaries and at the same time, channel that same energy and determination into fundraising for the institute.

To date The Adventurers have raised $8.49 million dollars for Childhood Brain Cancer research. (Partly through a previous 6 year partnership with Telethon, before becoming a registered charity in our own right)

Elliot Parish Story

When two year-old Elliot Parish was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, the most common type of brain tumour, his parents, made a promise to find out why Elliot got sick and took action by founding The Adventures. Brain Cancer is the most common form of tumours in children and is the second most common cause of death in children, after accidents. It kills more children in Australia than any other disease, yet 90% of Australians are unaware of this fact. Childhood Brain Tumours are often incurable. The current scenario is not good enough.

Telethon Kids Institute

The Adventurers work in partnership with Telethon Kids Institute, to support ongoing projects which aim to improve our understanding of hard-to-cure brain tumours — including undiscovered mechanisms of brain tumour development, identifying improved treatments to translate into new clinical practices and attracting partner organisations to focus on childhood brain tumours — all to achieve higher cure rates and better quality of life for patients.

To solve childhood brain cancer through medical research.

To create an ever expanding movement of people involved in successful Adventures, Events and Campaigns which significantly funds medical research into childhood brain cancer.

Who are The Adventurers:
  • Passionate group of volunteers from the community
  • A group of people who ‘do something’
  • Active energetic participants
  • Advocates for children
  • NOT a usual charity but a dedicated group of individuals fighting for the same cause
  • Humans Enabling much needed cancer research
  • Make a difference to individuals
How have we contributed $8.49 million to fund Childhood Brain Cancer research?

The adventurers have carried out adventures in 12 countries across all seven continents with 14 summits reached!

Our Adventures over the last 6 years included:
  • Mont Blanc Project – The Climb for Childhood Cancer 2010, France

$960,000 raised and the purchase of a 3D molecular imaging machine for the Telethon Kids Institute (TKI) – the first of its kind in the southern hemisphere.  This purchase of this equipment led to the decision for Dr Nick Gottardo and Dr Raelene Endersby to return from St Judes, USA to TKI, Perth.

  • Partnered with the Channel Seven Telethon Trust to become Telethon Adventurers
  • Mt Kilimanjaro climb, Tanzania
  • Climb for Elliot – Mont Blanc, France
  • Tour for a Cure USA
  • Events – Woolworths Ride for Elliot – Esperance to Perth
  • Jump for a Cure – Jurian Bay
  • Long way across – Motorbike ride across Australia.
  • $1.5million distributed
  • Telethon Adventurers Brain Tumour Laboratory opened.
  • Tour for a Cure USA
  • Great White Shark Dive, South Australia
  • Colin “Spud” Murphy’s walk across the ocean floor from Rottnest to Fremantle, WA
  • The Chamonix Challenge – including climbing Italy’s highest mountain Gran Paradiso 4810 metres, France & Italy
  • Events – Woolworths Ride for Elliot in it’s 2nd year
  • Jump for a Cure in it’s 2nd year
  • Elliot’s fun run
  • Melbourne Marathon
  • Tour de Gracetown
  • $1.8million distributed
  • Kokoda Trek, PNG
  • Chamonix Challenge inc Gran Paradiso Mountain, Italy and France
  • Epic Italian Dolomite Challenge, Italy
  • Summits of Bolivia – South America
  • KPMG Ice Marathon, Antarctica
  • Events – Jump for a Cure
  • Tour de Gracetown and Elliot’s Army in the HBF Run for a Reason.
  • Croatian Charity Angels $100k charity dinner
  • Polo in the Valley
  • World First Global Symposium on childhood brain cancer held in Perth WAand was fully funded by Telethon Adventurers.$1.6million distributed
  • Team China – Great Wall Trek, China
  • Man v Wild remote Kimberlies survival trek, WA
  • Chaminox climb inc Gran Paradis climb ( and Mont Blanc), France & Italy
  • Mt Elbrus, Seven Summits Russia
  • Events – Jump for a Cure
  • HBF Run for a Reason
  • Tour de Gracetown
  • Polo in the Valley
  • Gold sponsor of the 2014 ISPNO conference – Singapore
  • Principle Partner Northern Star Resources donated $250,000.00.
    $1,430,579 distributed.
  • Team NZ Trek, Milford Track. NZ
  • Man Vs Wild Kimberly’s Trek, WA
  • Cape to Cape SouthWest Trek, WA
  • Conquer Kili – Mt Kilimanjaro climb, Tanzania
  • Premier Martial Arts Bibbulmun Track Challenge
  • Billy and Simon’s Great Australian Gap – Sydney to Perth Pirate Walk, Australia
  • Events- Polo in the Valley
  • HBF Run for a Reason
  • Jump for a Cure
  • Pirate Day Friday first year –national Australia
  • Principle Partner Northern Star Resources donated $250,000.00
  • $1.2 million distributed.
  • Premier Martial Arts Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal
  • Singapore Luxury Survivor adventure
  • Stirling Ranges trek, WA
  • Bali Mt Agung Sunrise, Indonesia
  • Michelle’s Great English Channel Swim
  • Carley’s Great Wall Trek, China
  • Inaugural Brainchild Ball
  • Polo in the Valley
  • Jump for a Cure
  • Pirate Day Friday first year –national Australia
  • Principle Partner Northern Star Resources donated $250,000.00
  • Gold sponsor of 2016 ISPNO conference – Liverpool.
  • $1.2million distributed.

Partnership ended with Channel Seven Telethon Trust.

We are very appreciative of the support of our Patron, Mr Kerry Stokes AC, who each year during our Telethon partnership, further contributed to our task of finding the cure for childhood brain cancer.

The Brain Tumour Research Program at the Telethon Kids Institute drives research along the entire continuum of the drug development and discovery pipeline, with a singular goal – to find cures for brain tumours.

Dr. Raelene Endersby was recruited by Dr Nick Gottardo to the group from the highly regarded Neurobiology and Brain Tumor Program at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital (USA) in 2011 to develop a pre-clinical research pipeline to test existing cancer drugs and also to develop projects that will improve our understanding of the underlying molecular causes of brain tumours.

Raelene has unique and extensive expertise in cancer genetics and pre-clinical trials, has directed the research focus of the group, and has been integral in the success of current projects within the lab. This position will allow Dr.Endersby to continue her research invested in combating childhood brain tumours.

“Our research is designed to discover new anti-brain cancer therapies that we will test in combination with each other and conventional chemotherapy to kill brain cancer cells more effectively. Our goal is to take our findings into the clinic to improve cure rates as well as potentially also allow a reduction in the dose of the more toxic components of current treatments.

Our idea is that we can identify new therapies to be tested in clinical trials by using high-throughput robotics to screen thousands of drugs for the ability to kill the growth of childhood brain cancer cell lines in test tubes and then subsequently validate these drugs using novel sophisticated laboratory models of childhood brain cancer.”

Dr Nick Gottardo,  Telethon Kids Institute.

The Adventurers are essential for the Brain Tumour Research to continue at Telethon Kids Institute. We enrich, educate, and advocate.

Being an Adventurer can be hard work, but incredibly rewarding and will provide you with an opportunity to connect with like minded individuals who wish to make a real difference to the current status quo, contributing to funding of significant medical research – to find the cure for childhood brain cancer.