Becoming an Adventurer

Adventurers are volunteers from all walks of life, people just like you! Adventurers commit themselves to an arduous physical challenge and a significant fundraising target. Every year, around six Adventures are sanctioned and promoted by The Adventurers. In 2018, teams will venture to Everest Base Camp, Kokoda Track, Stirling Ranges, Thailand and The Murchison with our family camping adventure.


The Adventurers operates on a “user-pays” basis. A person who chooses to become an Adventurer funds their own adventure – this includes transportation costs (eg. airfares), accommodation, activities and all personal expenses.

This self-funding model is in place for several reasons:

  • It ensures all funds raised go directly to the cause.
  • Donors and benefactors can be confident that their contributions are going directly to the cause, and not your trip.

Adventures are coordinated primarily by the team captain, who in turn is assisted by our internal team to promote the adventure and any fundraising activities.

Travel and activities are also coordinated by the team captain – in conjunction with travel agencies and activity providers.


Once teams have committed to a fundraising target, they can determine whether to fundraise as individuals or in a group. To make fundraising easier, teams are encouraged to support a current research program at the Brain Tumour Research Laboratory (part of the Telethon Kids Institute). The Adventurers does its best to provide teams with fundraising ideas and contacts for assistance.

“Every adventure inspires me in so many ways. When we switch off and disconnect from the every day distractions, we all can learn so much about ourselves.

I always come back with a new direction and drive to succeed in both my personal and professional life – all while making an impact within my community.” ~ Phil Britten, The Adventurers Ambassador.

If you would like to find out more about adventuring with us, drop us a line to or to our Community Fundraising Manager – Vicki Fitzgerald,