This adventure took 5 participants in June to Iceland  – a land of fire and ice. It was an adventure led by Communications and Marketing Manager Narelle Antonio with an amphibious twist!

First up, the team went diving and snorkelling in the crystal-clear, near freezing waters of Silfra, the fissure between the North American and Eurasian continents. The spectacular Silfra provided a very rare opportunity to dive between two continental plates.

If diving the Silfra Fissure wasn’t challenging enough, then the team climbed Hvannadalshnúkur – Iceland’s highest peak at 2,110 metres. The climb provided panoramic views of the breathtaking Vatnajökull glacier in all its splendour, but being tied on a line to the group, and trekking in snow shoes pushed this team to their limits. Whilst ascending Hvannadalshnúkur, the team had to navigate numerous crevasses and slippery slopes. The trip down was no less demanding.

The team did get to also enjoy Nordic activities such as snow mobiling, glacier exploring and a trip to the legendary Blue Lagoon.

This team raised over $20,000 which went towards funding The Global Collaboration Fund.


* All funds raised from this adventure go towards the Global Collaboration Fund *


In June 2017 a team of 6, led by The Adventurers Ambassador Phil Britten, saw participants trekking through some of Western Australia’s most extreme, remote and rugged wilderness. Participants got to experience the East Kimberley region in all its natural splendour and breathtaking beauty. With limited food available, they were required to fish, hunt game and forage for their dinner.

During the trek, the team were required to navigate remote locations and apply survival strategies, whilst being fortunate enough to spot saltwater crocodiles, exotic birds, pristine waterways and spectacular gorges along the way. Organised by Adventure Out Australia, this life changing adventure put the team through their paces with challenges but rewarded them with sleeping under the Kimberley stars.

Thank you to this team who raised near $25,000 for childhood brain cancer research.


Japan was an arduous adventure with spiritual purpose led by The Adventurers Director Matt Fitzgerald in September 2017.

A team of 6 busy Dads (with 17 children between them!) undertook a tough bike trip from Nagano Zen Koji Temple to Fuji Sengen Jinja which was mainly mountain cycling over 324km covered with 6,070m elevation gain!

The gruelling ride finished at the Fuji Sengen Jinja shrine on the northern side of Mount Fuji (Fuji-san). And once their tired, sore legs had a breather the guys were prepared to climb Japan’s most sacred mountain, which stands at a majestic 3,766 metres.

It was a tough two days trek from base to peak and back again.  A true pilgrimage that Japanese used to do to appease the main Goddess Fuji San to help those in sickness to get through their ordeal.

This is considered to be a journey of the soul and, for us, it was a pilgrimage for the health of children affected by brain cancer.

This adventure began by sitting in absolute silence in the 7th century built Nagano Zenkoji Temple – a time of deep reflection, followed by the placement of two symbolic offerings for all of the children and their families affected by brain cancer.

And finished at Japan’s highest peak, Mt Fuji – cold, wet, and tired, to a sunrise like none of them had ever experienced.

Thank you to all the wonderful donors and sponsors of this adventure, which has raised near $100,000 for childhood brain cancer research.

* All funds raised from this adventure go towards the X-RAD Radiation Therapy Research for Brain Tumours *


Premier Martial Arts Academy has been a member of the Adventurers since it all started in 2010. Premier Academy’s director Zak Jovanov has been organizing various events yearly to keep fundraising towards this great cause.

“My daughter was diagnosed with medulloblastoma a form of brain tumour at the age of 2years in 2009, she went through the whole process at PMH ward 3b, brain surgery, chemotherapy and now at the age of 10 going into grade 5 living an extraordinary life. I joined The Adventurers in 2010 and I was part of the first group that Climbed Mont Blanc in France. As this cause is very close to mine and many peoples hearts, our Martial Arts Academy, Premier Martial Arts and its members have been and will be doing various events through out every year to keep rising funds for The Adventurers”.

Kilimanjaro team members:
Zak Jovanov
Slagjana Jovanov
Kristina Antonova
Marti Quinlan
Stuart Pestana
Kyle Nolan
Hasib Sarvari