The Adventurers primarily raises funds through Adventures and special events. However, we’re always open to other fundraising ideas. We understand that not everybody wants to climb a mountain, or leap off a tall building.

Other methods of fundraising include:

  • Donation tins on shop counters and workplace reception desks.
  • Celebration giving – getting friends and family to donate on your birthday, anniversary or other special occasion.
  • Percentage of sales – sell certain items and donate a percentage of profits to The Adventurers.
  • Workplace Giving – this program enables employees to donate part of their pre-tax income and receive the tax benefits of a donation. This can be set up through your HR or Payroll department.
  • Participating in an event, such as a fun run or quiz night.

Whilst we’re always extremely grateful for donations, we do need to approve every fundraising activity or campaign being undertaken. This rule is in place for a number of reasons:-

  • To provide fundraisers with general advice and marketing support.
  • To protect the integrity of our brand – to ensure our name and branding is used appropriately.
  • To ensure compliance with all relevant government legislation.
  • To ensure the proposed activity is consistent with our high ethical standards and reputation as a children’s charitable organisation.

Once the fundraising activity is completed, all funds raised must be reconciled and submitted to The Adventurers within 14 days. Don’t worry – we’ll provide instructions on how to do this once your fundraising activity has been approved.


If you have any questions about fundraising, please don’t hesitate to email us at: