23rd September 2017

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7 People

Premier Martial Arts Academy has been a member of the Adventurers since it all started in 2010. Premier Academy’s director Zak Jovanov has been organizing various events yearly to keep fundraising towards this great cause.

“My daughter was diagnosed with medulloblastoma a form of brain tumour at the age of 2years in 2009, she went through the whole process at PMH ward 3b, brain surgery, chemotherapy and now at the age of 10 going into grade 5 living an extraordinary life. I joined The Adventurers in 2010 and I was part of the first group that Climbed Mont Blanc in France. As this cause is very close to mine and many peoples hearts, our Martial Arts Academy, Premier Martial Arts and its members have been and will be doing various events through out every year to keep rising funds for The Adventurers”.

This year Zak will be leading a team 7 from Premier Academy climbing Kilimanjaro in September. Their goal is rise $20,000

Kilimanjaro team members;
Zak Jovanov
Slagjana Jovanov
Kristina Antonova
Marti Quinlan
Stuart Pestana
Kyle Nolan
Hasib Sarvari