Pirate Day Friday

Pirate Day Friday is a campaign conducted in schools and early learning centres to raise funds for medical research into childhood brain cancer. Pirate Day Friday is the creation of Nathan Colgan, whose young son Conor was diagnosed with Stage 2 Glioblastoma (childhood brain cancer) in 2011. Conor Colgan was only five-years-old when he received the diagnosis.

Over the past six years, courageous Conor has undergone life-saving chemotherapy, radiation therapy and major surgery. Although Conor’s treatment regimen has left him blind in one eye, he continues to battle childhood brain cancer with a smile on his face.

On Pirate Day Friday, children (and some adults!) donate a gold coin to dress up as a pirate. In doing so, they receive educational material about empathy, leadership and brain cancer. The patches worn on Pirate Day Friday symbolise our support for Conor, his family and other children suffering from childhood brain cancer.

For further information, please visit: www.piratedayfriday.org.au