Elliot Parish Fellowship in Cancer Research at Telethon Kids Institute

The Elliot Parish Fellowship is awarded for a period of five years. The initial Fellowship (2011-2016) was awarded to Dr Jacqueline Whitehouse (formerly Dr Jacqueline McGlade), under the mentorship of Dr Nick Gottardo and Dr Raelene Endersby. Dr Whitehouse undertook research in identifying key genes involved in the development of childhood brain cancer. The latest recipient of the Elliot Parish Fellowship is Dr Megan Howlett, who will continue the pioneering work of Dr Whitehouse.

Brain Tumour Research Program at Telethon Kids Institute

The Brain Tumour Research Program at the Telethon Kids Institute drives research along the entire continuum of the drug discovery and development pipeline. Research projects are designed to integrate pre-clinical research with clinical practice. The program has one simple goal in mind: to find better treatments and a possible cure for childhood brain cancer.  Dr Raelene Endersby, who leads the Program’s research team, has extensive expertise in cancer genetics and pre-clinical trials.

Brain Tumour Immune Therapy Research at Telethon Kids Institute

Treatment and therapy options for childhood brain cancer continue to evolve around the world. A relatively new cancer treatment called immunotherapy (or biologic therapy) has attracted considerable attention in research circles. Immunotherapy seeks to boost the patient’s immune system in the fight against cancer. At the Telethon Kids Institute, Dr Jason Waithman and Dr Raelene Endersby are working collaboratively to investigate the possibility of using immunotherapy to treat paediatric brain tumours. Their work in the area has been shared with Dr Robert Wechsler-Reya in the United States.

Drug Discovery Program in Partnership with Phylogica at Telethon Kids Institute

Since January 2011, The Adventurers has funded innovative drug discovery projects in partnership with the Brain Tumour Research Program and Phylogica – a publicly-listed drug discovery company. Phylogica was originally part of the Telethon Kids Institute, until its spin-off in 2001 and subsequent ASX listing in 2005. Phylogica is currently focusing on drug research in the oncology space.

Global Collaboration Funding

The Adventurers provides ongoing funding to facilitate international collaboration between clinicians and researchers working on treatment options for Medulloblastoma. In 2015, the funding was used to bring three world-leading Medulloblastoma clinicians to Western Australia. Their visit led to hands-on training for staff in new brain tumour treatments; and the creation of new collaborative research programs, which are currently underway.

The Adventurers Fellowship in Haematology and Oncology (Year 4) Princess Margaret Hospital

The Adventurers Haematology and Oncology Fellowship is a yearly clinical fellowship for a senior medical trainee in paediatric oncology at Princess Margaret Hospital for Children (PMH). The Fellowship combines clinical training in paediatric oncology with training in childhood cancer research. Given the specialised nature of paediatric oncology, providing training opportunities for senior medical trainees is essential for the future of the profession.