Strategic Direction

2017 promises to be an exciting and challenging year for The Adventurers, as we transform into a national charity. As a team, we’re excited about the incredible opportunities and possibilities which await us. Our new strategic direction will enable us to reach a wider audience, and raise awareness of childhood brain cancer at a national level.

Childhood brain cancer is a cruel and debilitating condition. It affects not only the children, but the family and friends of the children as well. Many families are thrown into emotional turmoil when childhood brain cancer strikes. Feelings of sadness, despair and confusion are normal, followed by the realisation that relatively little is known about the condition.

The primary goal of The Adventurers this year is to raise more funding than last year (2016) for medical research into childhood brain cancer. To achieve our fundraising objectives, a special focus will be placed on building partnerships, sponsors and Adventurer communities at the national level. We believe that committed individuals, businesses and communities can make a real difference.

If you’re keen to help or learn more about The Adventurers, please contact Angela Skates on 0408 586 818 or email We appreciate you taking the time to understand our mission and vision for the future.